Customize Award Requirements

Go to Learning > click Badges & Certificates New


Title your Badge / Certificate and select the Award Type:

Award Types:

  • Badge:
    Customizable Badge where you can upload a custom thumbnail.

  • Certificates:
    You can use the Certificates you designed in the Create a Certificate article.

  • Milestones:
    Milestones that have no images and are internally reported. Useful for triggering automation.

Set an Expiration Date

If you want a certificate, badge or milestone to expire, you can set the expiration date and time units:


You can set general or specific requirements using the Requirements tab.

Add a requirement by clicking on the green plus, then select a Requirement Type and Completion Type:

Requirement Type:

Completion Type:

Note: Any = If a user completes any selected item they will achieve this requirement.

All = A user must complete all selected items to achieve this requirement.

You can configure multiple requirements and have different criteria to be earned in order to achieve this Award.