Communications in Tovuti

There are many ways to communicate to your users in Tovuti, highlighted in this article are several options available to you!

Customizing User Login Emails

There are two primary areas you can go to when providing your users their login information when you add them to your site!

When adding users individually in the User Manager:
Customize the New User Welcome Email

When adding users in bulk using the User Importer:
Customizing the Automatic Email within User Importer

Auto Notifications

Auto Notifications offers you several methods on how to communicate to your users automatically!

  • Subscription Registration

  • Course Registration

  • Course Purchased

  • Course Assigned

  • Course Recommended

  • Course Due

  • Certificate or Badge Expiration

Auto Notifications: How To Communicate With Your Users

Configure Pop-Up Notifications

Sometimes you need to get the attention of your users more directly, using Popup notifications is a great way for you to engage with your users when they log into your site!

Configure Pop-Up Notifications

Setup Recurring Email Reports

You can have a basic report regarding your learner's progress emailed to you using the Email Notifications system!

Setup Recurring Email Reports