Add a Custom Domain


Step 1: To add a custom domain name for your instance open your Admin Portal, then select Design Center. Next click Domains and select New.

Type in your custom domain name and select Submit.

A few things to remember!

  • domains are automatically managed and SSLs applied to them.

  • Custom Domains that are correctly pointing to Tovuti will automatically be submitted to be SSL secured.

  • When you submit a Custom Domain, your domain may say “Pending”. Your domain, if properly configured with the steps below, will be secured after 1 - 2 hours of processing. If the processing time exceeds 24 hrs, please contact Tovuti Support!

  • After processing is complete, your Custom Domain will say “Active” - which means your domain is now secured.

Step 2: Set your new domain as the default domain name for your instance! To do this, open your Design Center and select Domains.

Step 3: Next, associate your domain name with your brand. Open your Design Center and select Brands. Under the Basic Information tab, you will see an option to select the Domains. Choose your domain name/names and press Save!

Step 4: Last, you will want to make sure that you adjust the settings of the registrar for your domain (such as GoDaddy, DNSHost, or Google Domains). The information can be found after you Submit your domain to Tovuti.

Go to the registrar of the domain you are using and go to manage domains. Select the desired domain. Next, go to Manage DNS. Add or edit the A Record or CNAME that has the name @

  1. If you are adding a new record, click Add/New then set type to A Record, then host is either @ or the subdomain name.

  2. Point the CNAME to the Value provided by Tovuti, change TTL to 600 (So it takes effect quicker, typically within 10 minutes), click save and review your results.

Note: If you had your domain connected to an A Record and connected to Tovuti’s IP Address, you will need to convert your domain to a CNAME:

  1. Navigate to Tovuti Site using your domain → Admin Design Center Domains

  2. Delete the existing custom domain

  3. Re-Add the custom domain (this ensures it is created with the new system)
    as a “www.” version, such as

  4. Copy DNS values ( , for example)

  5. Navigate to your DNS provider (GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc.), and
    go to your existing A Record

  6. Delete the existing A Record

  7. Create a CNAME record with the values from Step 4

Please allow 5 - 10 minutes for the change to take effect.